2023 Household Planner

Are you a busy homemaker who is striving to become a Proverbs 31 woman but struggle with keeping your day organized? Trying to manage your home, finances, and spiritual health all at once can sometimes feel impossible. It's hard to know where to start when you're trying to get organized. You might feel like you're juggling too many things at once.

The 2023 Household Planner was created just for you. This planner includes monthly and seasonal cleaning checklists, pantry inventory sheets, savings trackers, tithing trackers, monthly budgets, expense trackers, weekly meal plan sheets, weekly planners with prayer tracker, and reflections of the past month.

How Can This Planner Help?

Keep your schedule organized.

Keep your thoughts organized.

Plan your budget out a month ahead.

Make a meal plan for every week.

Manage your household with a Seasonal, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Cleaning Schedule.

Maintain your Spiritual Growth with a Weekly Prayer Tracker.

Plus so much more!

Introducing The Traditional Housewife's 2023 Household Planner

Do you feel like you're constantly forgetting things or that your home is a mess?

If you're looking for a way to get organized and stop forgetting things, then this 2023 Household Planner is perfect for you. This planner has over 330 pages of helpful information, including monthly and seasonal cleaning checklist, savings trackers, tithe trackers, and more.

With this planner, you'll be able to keep track of everything in your life and finally have some peace of mind. Imagine being able to sit down at the end of each month and reflect on all that you've accomplished. This planner will help make that happen.

Purchase the 2023 Household Planner and make today the day you start Planning and stop Forgetting!

Who Am I?

Hi there, I'm Sam. I have always dreamed of being the best housewife and mother. I have loved Planners for as long as I could remember because I've always hoped that using them would help keep me organized. But every time I have struggled to continue using my planner throughout the year as I get busier.

This Household Planner is my brain child full of everything I could want (at the moment) to help me manage my home, finances, and my spiritual health. I have taken the things that I wished were in my previous planner and created this 2023 Household Planner.

What Exactly Does This Planner Come With?

This isn't just any planner, this planner was made with us Homemakers in mind. This planner is 330 pages of helpful tools including:

⭐️ Quick Glance of the Year
⭐️ Monthly & Seasonal Cleaning Checklist
⭐️ Pantry Inventory Sheets
⭐️ Savings Trackers
⭐️ Tithing Trackers
⭐️ Month Tab
⭐️ Month Calendar
⭐️ Monthly Budget
⭐️ Expense Trackers
⭐️ Weekly Meal Plan Sheet
⭐️ Weekly Planner with Prayer Tracker
⭐️ Reflection of the Past Month

“This planner has it allβ€”and is gorgeous too! I love that it comes with both a printable and digital version, it gives the freedom to use whatever modality works best! I especially love all of the different kinds of trackers that are included (budgeting, savings, cleaning, tithing, etc) and the different page designs keep it feeling fresh and motivating! If you’re thinking of buying this planner, definitely do it!”

– Andrea frey – Sparkle with Grace –


Help keep your budget on track by utilizing the Cash Envelope system. Get 48 Printable Cash Envelopes as a BONUS when you purchase this 2023 Household Planner!

You get 4 monthly themed Cash Envelopes for each month, or mix and match and use them any time of the year.

“This planner is well thought out and beautifully put together. The trackers included are perfect for helping you stay on track with your goals throughout each week and each month.”

Ashley mullen – Little Red Acres –

Formatted for Print + Digital Use πŸ“²

Everyone plans a bit differently. Some of us prefer to have a physical printed planner to write in, some of us prefer to use our planners digitally through PDF annotation apps like Goodnotes or Noteshelf.

I didn't want to leave anyone out, so you will receive both versions when you purchase this planner!

Use the digital planner on your tablet with your favorite PDF annotation app. Easily turn a specific month by clicking on the hyperlinked monthly tabs.

Once purchased you will get the files emailed to you and you can also find them in your account overview. This 2023 Household Planner comes with 3 files when purchased:

  • A print file: Print these pages at home, or send them to a printer service to get them printed.
  • A digital formatted file: This file has been formatted to be used in a PDF annotation software such as Goodnotes or Noteshelf.
  • BONUS Folder with 48 Cash envelopes, 4 themed envelopes per month.

How To Use Each Section

This 2023 Household Planner is full of so many useful tools. But maybe you're not sure how to use some of them? Let me go over those with you so you can see how helpful they are!

Quick Glance Of The Year πŸ‘€

This wonderful tool is a 4 Page Year-at-a-Glance. This is helpful for writing down those events that get planned out far in advance. There are 3 months per page with all the days of the month listed, and the weekends are highlighted.

Deep Cleaning Checklist 🧽🫧

This Seasonal and Monthly Deep Cleaning Checklist is made to help us keep out home clean and organized. Often times there are tasks that need to be done pertaining to cleaning that we forget (Hello, Baseboards πŸ˜…) So this simple checklist is a great way to maintain your home without having to think too hard about it.

Pantry Inventory Sheets πŸ₯«

It can be hard to meal plan and budget when you don't know what you have in your Pantry, Freezer, or Refrigerator. That's where these Pantry Inventory Sheets come in. Easily keep track of what you have on hand, how much you have, the expiration date, and where it's located. Save money and time with your meal planning when you know what you already have.

Savings Trackers πŸ’°

Speaking of saving money, we all want to do that, right? Sometimes saving money can feel like a tedious task. No longer feel that way with some of the fun Savings Tackers in this 2023 Household Planner. You'll get a couple of generic savings tackers, a few Sinking Funds Trackers, and even a $1000 Savings Challenge tracker.

Tithing Tracker πŸ’Έ

I created these Tithing Trackers with 2 things in mind: To keep us accountable with our Tithing, and to keep track of our Tithing for tax purposes. Use these however you feel is right for your family. Be it tithing to a church, giving to a school, or donating to a charitable organization, these Tithing Trackers will help you keep track throughout the year.

Month Tab πŸ—“

A simple Month Tab to represent the new month. Each Month Tab is a simple watercolor background with either a verse or uplifting words to keep you motivated.

Month Calendar πŸ“†

The monthly calendar spread is just a classic monthly calendar. It is spread out onto two pages to give plenty of room for writing. The weeks are set up Sunday through Saturday. And on the side there is a space for notes, and a small quick view of some Monthly Cleaning Tasks.

Monthly Budget πŸ“

Budgeting is such an essential thing to do, but sometimes it can feel daunting. This simple Budget sheet is one that I've been using for the past few years and have found it super helpful. It's based off of the Zero Budget and Cash Envelope System, but of course you can use it however works best for you and your family. The important part is that you have a budget.

Expense Tracker πŸ—’

With budgeting comes expense tracking. I know it's not fun to write down what you spend your money on, and sometimes it feels even worse when you spent your money on something frivolous, but that is EXACTLY why it's so important to track your expenses. There are many expense tracking apps, but I find it sinks in better for me when I write it down.

Weekly Meal Plan Sheet πŸ›

Meal Planning can be so helpful for your budget, your health, and your time. I know for me, it tends to be one of my overlooked areas when it comes to planning. And when I don't make a meal plan I spend far too much time and money figuring out dinner each evening.

Weekly Planner with Prayer Tracker πŸ™πŸ½

This weekly planner spread has got to be my most favorite part of this entire planner! Just like with the Monthly Calendar Spread, the Weekly Planner is spread out onto two pages to give lots of room for notes. Dated and with a Sunday to Saturday layout, this weekly planner has so many features.

First thing you'll notice is a list of Cleaning Tasks such as Dishes, Trash, and Laundry that should be done daily.

At the top of each day, you'll also see a few Targeted Cleaning tasks with each day a different targeted cleaning area. You'll also notice that there is not any cleaning tasks for Saturdays. This is because it is the Sabbath and should be used for building your relationship with God and your Family.

At the bottom of the page you'll find a place for you to put your Prayers for the week. No longer write down prayer requests on a post-it note and lose it, not that I've done that before… Utilize this Prayer section to write down prayer requests from others, things you are focus on praying about for the week, and even write down Answered Prayers to give Praise to God.

Reflection of the Past Month πŸ€”

Reflect on the previous month. Make a note of what God has taught you, what your favorite verse was, and what your goals for the month ahead are. It's so important to be intentional with your planning and having a monthly reflection helps you to put everything into place.

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